Local time: 10:10 am

Viale della Repubblica, 153 84047 - Capaccio Paestum (Sa)

3.0 km from Paestum


General Info and Notes

The Hotel reserves the right to modify or not provide additional services even if booked. If possible, you will be informed of the changes before the start of your stay. Variations can occur from room to room.

Where expressly provided and / or indicated, the hotel provides the traditional breakfast and in the absence of this we will provide otherwise. The term Bed & Breakfast means that breakfast is the only meal included in the price. This regardless of whether the breakfast is traditional or continental. You will be notified of this at the time of booking. Any meals included will be promptly indicated in the booking form and are the only meals included in the price. If you have special requests, we ask you to let us know before the trip, so that we can check in time our possibility of satisfying them. Any room service of any meal must be booked in advance, according to the costs and characteristics provided for in the selected offer, and in any case communicated in time to the hotel. There are no reductions for meals or courses not consumed.

Rooms and Services
A double room may have two single beds pushed together. The hotel rooms can be allocated anywhere on the property (including outbuildings and new buildings). Note that triple and quadruple rooms may be a combination of single, double and roll-away beds. The size of the rooms, as per the standards provided for the different types, are however subject to possible variations, depending on the organizational needs of the hotel. In some special cases, triple or double rooms could be used as single use rooms. In this case, you may be asked for the supplement for the single room, which will in any case be communicated to you at the time of booking.

Check-in and Check-out
The room will be available from the hotel check-in time. If you expect to arrive after 18:00, please contact the hotel by calling the assistance service number you find on the website, to directly agree on any changes, delays or special conditions. The rooms must be vacated by the time set by the hotel on the day your stay ends.

Any Free Services
The application of concessions or free services varies depending on the selected offer. Check at the time of booking the methods of application and provision of these benefits.

Parking Area
In some cases the parking service in the private area with video surveillance is included in the selected offer, in other cases it may be subject to a fee. Check at the time of booking if the parking service is available at the hotel and if it is offered for free or for a fee.

Tourist Attractions
The information contained on our website is current at the time of publication. Our descriptions on the website refer to the activities available in the area you are visiting. We are not responsible for the above activities, as they are not managed, supervised or controlled by us. They are managed by local operators, who act independently from us. Furthermore, we are not responsible for activities not included in our contract, even in cases where we have to suggest or assist you in booking them. Consequently, we assume no liability in connection with these activities.
We cannot guarantee the accuracy of the information provided in relation to these activities or about the areas of attraction you are visiting (except for the aspects concerning the services provided directly by us and included in the booking) or the related activities and particular excursions, since these services are not under our control. If you believe that some of the activities mentioned on our website, which however do not fall within our contract and are not under our direct control, are important for the enjoyment of your stay at our facility, write to us immediately and we will provide you with updated information and detailed. If you believe that there are alterations to the information relating to the attraction area, as well as to external activities that are essential in your holiday choice decisions, please inform us at the time of booking.