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Book a trip online. Advantages and disadvantages.

The Internet has now been in our lives for more than twenty years and has gradually become indispensable, also revolutionizing the way we shop.

Ordering an item online is often convenient, quick and cheaper than buying in-store and this also applies to travel bookings via the internet. While many have now completely abandoned physical travel agencies, some, taken by enthusiasm, end up running into scams and losing considerable amounts of money. So here are the pros and cons that you need to keep in mind when booking a trip online.

The advantages.
The first advantage of booking a trip online is definitely the convenience. All possible destinations and hotels are just a click away on your computer or smartphone, bookable from home in a few minutes. Sites like Trivago or Skyscanner also make it possible to compare offers for a specific date or destination, thus allowing you to organize a travel itinerary that meets all your needs. Another important element is that of savings.

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The magnificent virtual visits to the magnificent Italian artistic heritages continue on the MiBACT YouTube channel.

It is the turn of the Archaeological Park of Paestum. The director of the archaeological site, Gabriel Zuchtriegel, gives a mini lesson in architecture.

The Archaeological Park of Paestum participates in the campaign Culture does not stop. With a beautiful short video he guides us inside the park to let us know the ‘affinities’ of Poseidonia of Salerno with the monumentality of the temple of the queen of the Egyptians, Hatshepsut. It is quite normal to think that Greek and Egyptian culture do not have much to do with one another from an architectural point of view.

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The secret ingredient of the Mediterranean diet.

Tomatoes, aubergines, chillies, figs, anchovies, legumes, pasta … The Mediterranean diet is not – only – a question of food, but of how we eat, how we live and how it is transmitted to the new generations.

The sun makes its way between the leaves of the figs and as I go down to the village a series of “Hello, Miss” from the windows welcomes me; “Did you sleep well?” “Did you see how beautiful the sea is this morning?”. In the castle the voices become more intense, the boys are ready for the day of the awards ceremony, between chatting and laughter, today is their day.

I am in Pollica, the heart of Cilento and cradle of the Mediterranean Diet, which ten years ago was recognized by Unesco as an intangible heritage of humanity. To celebrate this appointment, the Future Food Institute has chosen Pollica for its Food & Climate Shapers Boot Camp – Mediterraneo Edition, a six-day course of lessons and meetings for children on sustainable development models with researchers, entrepreneurs and institutional figures from around the world. food industry supported by Barilla, Google, the Dutch research center Taste, Food for Climate League and the World Fund for Crop Diversity Crop Trust: conferences, but not only, total immersion in the territory and a challenge promoted by Barilla , to change the world recipe after recipe.

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New” Food Pyramid”: the Mediterranean Diet as a sustainable model.

Drink water, eat not only cereals but also two or three portions of fruit and vegetables every day, limiting the consumption of meat. These are just some of the indications of the updated food pyramid.

The food pyramid is an intuitive way to explain which foods, in what quantities and how often it is best to eat. In the lowest step of the pyramid there are the foods that theoretically should be “at the base” of our daily diet while, as you go up towards the top, those to be consumed in moderation are indicated. The first version of the food pyramid dates back to 1992 and was developed in the United States to combat growing obesity. Over the years, however, the various discoveries in the nutritional field have forced a revision of some principles. In fact, in the new food pyramid, compared to the previous one, a few things change, let’s see which ones.

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Because the hotel “Do Not Disturb” signs are disappearing.

Your right to sleep may take a back seat to some bigger problems.

Travelers who crave privacy in their hotel room can no longer rely on the outside sign to keep staff out. The first step in this direction was taken by Disney who replaced the words “Do not disturb” with “Room occupied” on the outside door tag. This subtle change is intended to remind guests of a new company policy that provides for the mandatory inspection of rooms every 24 hours, without exception. (If the “Room Occupied” card remains on display for longer than this period, the staff will knock and announce themselves before entering).

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