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A city with many attractions.

Paestum: a holiday between History, Nature, Gastronomy and lots of healthy fun.

If you belong to the ranks of those who want a holiday able to combine leisure and culture, you have identified the right place, Paestum is indeed a concentrate. Its long (15 km) and wide beach, washed by the Cilento sea is a popular destination in summer. A very extensive pine forest stands between the coastal road and the beach. In the shelter of its coolness, during the hottest hours, it is really pleasant to have a meal and relax before returning to the beach. Here there are several campsites and villages, fully equipped, where you can experience total contact with nature without giving up the comforts of modern life.

In the pine forest or directly on the edge of the beach you can also find several hotels. Not far from the beach stand the majestic temples, well preserved, which will offer you the charm of an ancient world that has left indelible traces in the DNA of our Western civilization. The charm of ancient rites can be felt in these three wonderful pagan places of worship dedicated to Olympian gods such as Hera, to whom the largest and oldest temple was dedicated, known as the basilica and the so-called temple of Poseidon was also dedicated to away of a mistake. The third was dedicated to Athena, the ancient goddess of wisdom, and was also called of Ceres due to an error.

Although totally dominated by the presence of temples, the archaeological area of ​​Paestum, recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site in 1988 and bordered by well-preserved walls and towers, is of considerable interest and can be visited with pleasure. Not far away you can visit the rich museum containing objects of predominantly ancient Greek and Lucanian manufacture, found in the various necropolises in the surrounding area. The highlight of the museum is made up of the paintings found in the so-called tomb of the diver, the only remaining example of Greek painting from Magna Graecia. This magnificent painting shows a man in the moment of jumping into the waves. The metaphor is quite evident, man represents the deceased in the act of abandoning the safety of the earthly world to launch himself into the unknown beyond.

But it does not end here, Paestum is in the center of the Piana del Sele, the home of buffalo mozzarella, a very tasty traditional fresh cheese awarded the DOP mark, an irreplaceable element of pizza margherita and a real delicacy that fascinates the multitude of visitors to the excavations. You can end your visit at one of the many dairies that offer guided tours and above all a tasting of mozzarella in its various forms. During the Easter period it is possible to enjoy the rich gastronomy of the area and another very famous typical product, the artichoke of Paestum PGI.
From a geographical point of view, Paestum occupies an enviable position in the center of a very interesting area from a tourist point of view. Heading north, it is only 30 km from the city of Salerno and the beginning of the famous Amalfi Coast, 80 km from the ancient town of Amalfi, 84 km from the splendid villas of Ravello, 114 km from the charming Positano, 84 km from Pompeii, 112 km from Naples where you can take the ferry to Capri. Proceeding south, however, Paestum represents, in fact, the door of Cilento and is 7 km from Agropoli, 42 km from the excavations of the other very important Greek city of Velia, 65 km from the splendid beaches of Palinuro, Marina di Camerota and Sapri.
The mountains that surround the area of ​​Paestum and Cilento in general offer many paths of great beauty for trekking lovers. In particular, the Alburni mountains, which dominate the Pestana plain, offer a luxuriant nature and splendid caves.

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